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Willow Lake

Willow Lake at Low Tide

When your creative juices begin to dry up there is only one thing to do. Go for a drive. Usually it’s to Goodwill to check out the kitchen wares or the DAV Thrift Store for art books. But this day it was beginning to rain. So we just drove. Only a few months ago Willow Lake was as full as it’s been in decades, and I’d have been standing in waist-deep (stinky) lake water. Just off the pier, which was grounded, slimy green moss lay stagnant.

Just as we were leaving, the rain really started coming down. I probably begged to stop for a nonfat caramel latte somewhere. They’re best sipped while sitting behind windshield wipers on high speed. We drove some more and ended up, as usual, at the cemetery.

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