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For years I’ve been alternating the same two pairs of summer pajamas. My favorite bottoms are nearly in shreds—mostly because they fit so perfectly, and I love them so very much. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to find ready-made pajamas that are nearly as comfortable.

Slightly X-Large

Wait. I know how to sew!

When it finally occurred to me that I could quite handily replicate my perfectly fitting pajama bottoms by making a pattern out of the old ones, I headed to the fabric store for the least expensive 100% cotton I could find.

Despite the fact that I’m pretty good at fabricating one-of-a-kind baby quilts, the knack for tracing a pattern seems to have escaped me. After ruining over a yard of my luxurious fabric, I enlisted the help of an expert—and a commercial pattern. I was in fact so happy with my find that I cut out enough fabric for two.

In less than one hour I had assembled the first pair. It was remarkably easy, and I began fantasizing about making dozens of pajama bottoms to sell on Etsy. The only question was what would I do with all the money?

I ironed and clipped the seams and turned the pants right side out so that I could admire them, which I did—until I noticed that I had missed one important point. Patterns come in different sizes.

Not only are they double wide, but the pants are easily five feet tall.

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