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Not long ago I was asked to choose a song for a very special dance.

“It could be a Leonard Cohen song,” he said.

I was just a kid when we first met. He was even younger—and, in every way, perfect. Over the years, I learned some things from him and, in the blink of an eye, he grew up. He left home, learned things of his own, and met a new love.

Today is a snow day. I’m baking bread, cooking soup, and listening to Leonard Cohen—with purpose. I’ve lit candles, and even incense. Mr. Lee, who doesn’t like incense, goes to bed early. It turns out I have quite a few Leonard Cohen records, and I play them all.

Although I haven’t yet found our perfect song, it is with this handsome lad that, in two short weeks, I will be dancing.

Jerome, my first born, is getting married.

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