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In Honor of Two Anniversaries and a Wedding

Mr. Lee and I are celebrating our 33rd anniversary today. He just doesn’t know it yet.

He’s still sleeping, the little darling. And while he slumbers, I’ve mapped out a plan for the day.

  • First, I’ll make him a nice breakfast. He’ll surely wonder why.
  • We’ll follow that with a trip to Method Coffee for a cafe dulce—my favorite.
  • Then, we’ll hit the season’s first yard sales—thank you, spring!
  • We’ll deliver soil samples from the vegetable garden to the Cooperative Extension Office for testing by one of the volunteer Master Gardeners.
  • After that, I’ll suggest we take a drive to Jerome. He still won’t catch on, because every now and then we do take a drive to Jerome.
  • We’ll go to the funky shop where they sell those cheesy light bases for my beautiful (and not-at-all-cheesy) piece of art glass that he bought me back when money was no object. The last time we were in Jerome he wanted to buy the light base, but I said we could find it cheaper online. I was wrong.
  • We’ll have lunch and drive around some more—until Mr. Lee becomes suspicious. Perhaps, I’ll let on then.

Of course a reminder shouldn’t be necessary. Our special date is engraved on the insides of our wedding bands: 5-6-78. Neither of us realized thirty-three years ago that it would become his foolproof method for remembering the event—year after year. If anyone ever asked, Mr. Lee would respond, as if by rote, “Five Six Seven Eight.”

Last year, for the first time ever, his foolproof method failed. But, by some stroke of luck, he just happened to have given me a pair of fabulous earrings, the day before. He was exonerated, and the earrings, made by our friend and talented jeweler Kit Carson, have come to be known as my anniversary earrings.

Now we have two married sons, one extremely newly wed—thirteen days. And the second celebrated his fourth anniversary two days ago. It occurred to me just this morning that all three of our anniversaries fall within a span of two weeks.

Blessed spring marriages. May they always be remembered.

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