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Lazuli Buntings

For a few weeks every spring we are visited by a small group of Lazuli Buntings. Every April I catch a glimpse of their shockingly blue heads as they try to blend in with the sparrows and house finches. They are easily spooked. I barely have time to grab the binoculars, much less ever have the opportunity to snap […]

Fifty-Two Square Feet

One March day in 2010, Mr. Lee woke up and began turning the dirt on a plot of earth that was once his father’s prized patch of grassy lawn. Adding dozens of shovelfuls of our friend Jerry’s magic manure, he produced two good-sized mounds of regenerated soil. The very next day we headed to Home […]

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Three Bean Soup

A vegetable gardener dreams that her 52-square-foot garden will provide all the produce necessary for her family of two. In truth, the vegetable gardener must be realistic. She will end up with much more zucchini than is needed and far fewer beans. She’ll battle aphids and scale and grubs, and watch the glorious tomatoes she’s […]


Zucchini Bread and Zuccanoes – Already ?!?

It’s been more than twenty-five years and two major moves since I grew a squash. But I seem to remember it being mid-August before I’d find myself scavenging for zucchini recipes. Not so this year. I’ve been shredding, baking, scooping, stuffing and eating zucchini for days. I attribute it to Jerry’s magic manure.     […]

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