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Today is February 7, 2012

   You are getting very sleepy … and when I snap my fingers, you will believe it is February 7, 2012   Today would have been the 100th birthday of my aunt and godmother, had she lived a few months longer. She spent her ninety-nine years, six months, and about two weeks in New Orleans—minus the […]

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Escape from New Orleans

{ Archive: the following essay appeared in Java Magazine in 2005 – Photos (except old family photo) by Jon Gipe } The hurricane victims landed in Phoenix wearing the same clothes they’d been in for five days. I met them at the gate, the last two off the plane. Each hugged a faux leopard skin purse […]

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My aunt and uncle had three dogs, all Wire-haired Terriers, all named Kaimuki. We moved to Arizona when I was just a kid but returned to my birthplace almost every year. I think my parents were homesick. All of their siblings and my mother’s father still lived there. I don’t remember taking any vacations that […]

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Plane Math

New Orleans is not all fun and games. It’s serious business. And it requires paper, pencil, and plane math. Begin by making a list of everything you intend to eat. It’s best to do this on the airplane, when hunger is most acute. Next, divide the items on the list by the number of days […]

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Queenies, Queries & Quenelles

Queenies come from all walks of life. Some love to shop. Some live to rule. Others take leisure. And some like to cook—and eat (mostly eat). This is a story about the latter. I blame my parents. They like to eat. It’s not completely their fault, though. They were born and raised in New Orleans, […]

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Everybody has a state flower and a state bird. For Louisiana those are the magnolia and the brown pelican. Their official musical instrument, I’m pleased to report, is the “Cajun” accordion. (I admit a fondness for accordions of all sorts since I appointed one an important character in a hopefully-soon-to-be-completed novel.) If you know any […]

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