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Uranium in the China Cabinet

I love glass. And glass seems genuinely attracted to me—especially if it’s radioactive. When I stumbled upon my first pieces of this strange glass back in the early 90s, I could scarcely believe my eyes. Three nesting bowls glowed fluorescent green from the bottom shelf of a display cabinet in a tiny antique mall booth. […]

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Verde Canyon Caboose & Fermin

If you have the good fortune to ride the Verde Canyon Railroad from Clarkdale to Perkinsville, and the even better fortune to do it in the Caboose, you’ll likely cross paths with Fermin (pronounced, Fair•meen). He is the knowledgeable, self-proclaimed ex-hippie, caboose butler with whom you’ll spend four solid hours. He’ll point out caves and rock […]

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Willow Lake

When your creative juices begin to dry up there is only one thing to do. Go for a drive. Usually it’s to Goodwill to check out the kitchen wares or the DAV Thrift Store for art books. But this day it was beginning to rain. So we just drove. Only a few months ago Willow Lake […]



For years I’ve been alternating the same two pairs of summer pajamas. My favorite bottoms are nearly in shreds—mostly because they fit so perfectly, and I love them so very much. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to find ready-made pajamas that are nearly as comfortable. Wait. I know how to sew! When it finally occurred […]


Yoga, I love you

On Tuesday I arrived  for my first Yoga class—one carefully chosen from a class list of many unpronounceable Hindu words. I arrived a few minutes early, while the previous class was just finishing up. Over a dozen sweaty bodies lay deceased-looking in a room that felt like it was 150 degrees. Maybe, I thought, this Yoga’s […]

Zucchini Bread and Zuccanoes – Already ?!?

It’s been more than twenty-five years and two major moves since I grew a squash. But I seem to remember it being mid-August before I’d find myself scavenging for zucchini recipes. Not so this year. I’ve been shredding, baking, scooping, stuffing and eating zucchini for days. I attribute it to Jerry’s magic manure.     […]

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